Monday, April 16, 2012

Scotch Eggs

Scotch Eggs

I have a problem.

I want to tell you about these Scotch Eggs but I don't think you are going to go for it.

Most people look at me in horror when I suggest covering a hard-boiled egg in sausage then rolling it in cheese cracker crumbs before finishing them off in the oven.

Scotch Eggs
Scotch Eggs

But what if I told you that traditional Scotch Eggs are rolled in breadcrumbs and fried but these are baked. And that one Scotch egg is the equivalent of eating one scrambled egg and one small sausage patty. And that they are less than 300 calories each.


Well, then you didn't hear it from me that these are outstanding with a glass of beer or as a quick, satisfying breakfast (with or without the beer). This is the tastiest thing I know to do with leftover Easter eggs. Not that I'm telling you to make these. No, Sirree.

Scotch Eggs
adapted from Better Homes and Gardens, Brown Bagger's Cookbook

1/2 pound bulk pork sausage (light is fine)
4 hard-cooked eggs, peeled
1/4 cup flour
1 beaten egg
1/3 cup crushed cheese crackers or Ritz crackers

Make yourself a dipping station with three shallow bowls or pie plates.  Place flour in the first bowl, beaten egg in the second bowl, and the crushed cheese crackers in the third one. Divide the sausage into 4 equal pieces, then flatten each piece in the palm of your hand to make a thin, thin patty. Still holding the patty in your hand, place one hard-boiled egg in the center of the sausage patty and then gently wrap the patty around the egg so that it is completely covered. This may take a little readjusting and smooshing but be gentle and you'll get it all covered. Gently roll the sausage-covered egg in the flour, then gently in the egg letting the excess egg drip off, and finally, roll the egg in the cheese crumbs. Place on a parchment-lined or foil-lined baking sheet and repeat for the other 3 eggs. Bake at 375' for 25-30 minutes. Let eggs cool then refrigerate until completely cold. Store, covered, in refrigerator up to one week.

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